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shipping our new TNV (thermal gas cleaner) as part of multi unit assembly. More to come,

stay tuned!


Review Lisbon

Euro PM2023 Congress & Exhibition​

SARNES joined the exhibiting in Lisbon, Portugal, 1 – 4 October 2023.

What a place - thank s all for coming over and talks we had!

high class sintering​

new sintering furnace from SARNES: sintering, our latest improvements include multi stage heat recuperation system, 3D quench cooling, flame-fee entry and exit, CQI-9 compatible, remote access, intelligent predictive maintenance, CO2 saving receiving EU funding etc.

We simply call it high class sintering. Let´s explain why and get back: sintering[at]

high class sintering

high class sintering

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How to enter a space -

a contribution by media artist Michail Rybakov

the reading bike

In Erinnerung an Bruno Latour


hier auf dem Gedichtfahrrad von Michail Rybakov im #zkm Karlsruhe) 


40 Years​ Experience

SARNES turns 40 years this year in 2020! 

it all started 1980 when Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Sarnes began his own company after almost 20 years of scientific and research works in the field of chemical engineering and industrial furnace design.

We are celebrating this successful company and family history this year.

furnaces for future
reducing carbon dioxide
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reducing CO2

We take it serious and improved heat transfer, insulation, heating principle and overall efficiency in way to significantly reduce carbon dioxide for a mid size sintering furnace by over 350 tons per year!         find out more ->

SARNES emission control: post burning unit TNV with Low NOx natural gas spin burner (RS 40) will after burn organic loaded waste gases completely  in an thermal overstochiometric process

stand alone post burning unit TNV

continuous controlled after-burner chamber for waste gas cleaning is not only available as furnace integrated system, but also as a stand alone unit.

With its own control unit, SARNES RS spin burner, EBM air blower, Honeywell burner control, temperature and pressure control, this thermal waste gas cleaning unit can easily be scaled-up when product or application changes.

find out more here ->


Contiblu® 3 steam treating


we improved the Contiblu process: achieving gas-tight PM structured parts, precise oxide layer production but now less tolerances and improved reliability. Best SMC suitabale.

Steam generation, deoiling and waste gas post burning are still integrated and maintain the enormous cost benefit for our customers.

Test sample parts can be made at our workshop -  ask for details!


SARNES new 2nd furnace workshop



For assembling and pre-commisioning we opened our 2nd furnace workshop in Stutensee near Karlsruhe, Germany this summer. Customers are very welcome to see new furnaces in operation and to meet us, test sample parts and discuss sophisticated applications.



open pore aluminium foam - our sister company sit Sintertechnik GmbH in Thale developped and started an all new open pore aluminium foam prodution. Available in different pore sizes and dimensions, coating, debindering and sintering is done in a surprisingly elegant way and thus very cost attractive.


VTO vertical tube oven for ferrites


Modified vertical tube oven from SARNES was tested for thermal trearting of super fine ferrite powder under special furnace atmosphere by our customer. Thermal treatment of metal powder with such a small fraction of particles of less than 2 microns in a vertical atmopshere furnace was quite tricky, but could successfully be sorted by the VTO in our furnace lab near Karlsruhe, Germany.

Compressed Nitrogen Lock


Automated new nitrogen lock for all our sintering furnaces is introduced. It improves reliabilty of all quench cooling units and lowers protective gas consumption significantly.



Exoql - protective gas generator


all new protective gas generator (patents pending) was introduced on the Hagener Symposium.


This unit enables sintering of soft magnetic (such as Höganäs Somaloy® mixes) SMC parts as well as improved steam treating (Contiblu®) of structured powder metal parts under different furnace atmospheres and temperature levels.

Contiblu, steam treating, Dampfbehandlung, SARNES
Contiblu 800 - belt furnace for steam treating of PM parts


New continuous steam treating furnace with 800 mm belt width and a capcity of up to 600kg/h is now in operation. Not only for powder metal parts this belt furnace delivers superb oxidation results even for oil covered parts.
Oil or emulsion covered metal parts can directly paced on the belt, will be deoiled and steam treated in one process line - now in the new Contiblu 800 furnace with an output of up to 600kg/h.
Oxyde layer can easily be adjusted by the belt speed, ie. process time and temperature. Waste gases are post burnt inside the furnace with the thermal energy directly use for furnace heating. It is one of many smart features our belt furnaces to reduce production costs with high quality results.

Testing new feedstocks - debindering and sintering of (MIM) metal injection molding parts

Before designing a production line of debindering and sintering furnaces, we usually test new feedstocks and alloys, like we did here at 1270°C under protective atmosphere.


Testing before designing - here in our lab ovens we do whatever a new alloy and/ or feedstock for specific application requires. Clients are welcome to do test here and check their parts.

Contiblu, steam treating, Dampfbehandlung, SARNES
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Contiblu - the perfect steam treating process of HSS steel parts

The Contiblu oven and process offers high quality steam treating of HSS parts. Cost effective and without the need of salt bath treating - a hard, black and resistant coating can easily be achieved - also on HSS drills etc.


Contiblu is our continuous steam treating furnace available as batch and belt furnace with belt widths upto 800mm. It is well known in the field of steam treating sintered metal parts (PM powder metallurgy), but also allows perfectly blackening of HSS drills and other in a very cost effective furnace design. Here no salt bath is needed, vaporisation directly takes place at temperatures arround 350-520°C.  

Testing of sample parts in our Lab funrnace is also possibe. Please contact us for further information.



Ukraine in Not

Spendenkonto für die medizinische Versorgung der Region Lviv:

Wladimir Skripnik

Kontonummer: 1022612400             

IBAN: DE37 6605 0101 1022 6124 00  



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