Located near Stuttgart in the SouthWest of Germany, SARNES ingenieure GmbH & Co KG is manufacturer of industrial furnaces. Since 1980 we have been building and developing conveyor belt sintering furnaces and protective gas systems for line-production in the powder metallurgy industry. With 120 employees on production locations in Stutensee, Thale, Biberach and Schwendi, we are proud partner of the Elektromatic Projekte GmbH since 2015.


The optimisation of combustion processes, burner development and gas-fired conveyor belt sintering furnaces, heat and material conveyance (open reaction spaces, gastight muffle furnaces) in manufacturing plants and an analytical and empirical understanding of furnace atmospheres are basic features of our work and our systems. Our product range has seen continuous growth, side by side with our customers’ requirements and parts spectrum. 


The range of electrically and gas-fired conveyor-belt sintering furnaces is from experimental size of 125mm up to high capacity  of 24 tons/day with 1200 mm belt width and is designed for sophisticated applications upto 1350°Celsius.

furnaces for heat treatment