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energy dewaxing

the efficient burn-off zone in SARNES sintering furnaces. One of the key advantages in the heat treatment market could be of interest to your product as well?  --->


CO2 neutral in the shortest possible time?

How can it be implemented in production and can the sometimes particularly energy-intensive heat treatment in industrial furnaces make a decisive contribution to this?

With the increasing profitability of hydrogen as an energy carrier, sintering, hardening, tempering and steam treatment furnaces can be operated in a CO2-neutral manner. Hydrogen-heated flow systems from SARNES are already in production. Multi-stage heat recovery in the high temperature range, regulated forced convection to improve the heat transfer in the medium temperature range of the heat treatment also enable CO2 and cost savings for external applications.

For a long time we have used 100% hydrogen not as a reaction gas only. The latest generation of SARNES continuous furnaces for heat treatment, sintering, hardening, annealing and burning out can be operated CO2-neutrally today with some upgrades. The SARNES burner family RSH and WSH can already be used for hydrogen operation. CO2-neutral production during sintering is feasible.

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