furnaces for special applications

We are specialized in continuous furnaces for sintering, hardening, steam treating, debindering and annealing. Thermal solutions for powder metallurgy, carbon and magnetic structured parts. Thermal treating of solar active films and layers, InertCoating modules for OLED, special applications under protective atmosphere and sheradizing, thermal diffusion zinc coating.

SARNES emission control: post burning unit TNV with Low NOx natural gas spin burner (RS 40) will after burn organic loaded waste gases completely  in an thermal overstochiometric process

special  furnace manufacturing

batch and continuous furnaces in different sizes and laoding options up to 6000kg are available. A brand new concept for continuous sheradizing, the thermal diffusion zinc coating of metals parts has been developped and is protected by patents. 

The high temperature kiln for the so called hollow sphere structures of sintered of metal powder was built for temperatures upto 1350°C and 100% hydrogen controlled furnace atmosphere with post burning chamber.

LED3 low energy dewaxing

So called "low energy dewaxing" zone improves sintering quality of PM parts.

This new LED3 "low energy dewaxing" module is now available to all sintering furnaces, wether built by SARNES furnaces or competitors.

This zone improves the evaporartion of stearates of PM parts, prolongs the life time of belts and muffles, improves sintering quality (carbon level etc) and most of all decreases the energy consumption.

This zone is part of all new SARNES sintering furnaces and is now avaiable as separate module for furnace upgrades.

sintering SMC soft magnetic components

We built our first gas-heated sintering belt furnace in 1984 and since then every sintering belt furnace built has made a contribution to improving the temperature uniformity, controllability, reliability and life of the high-temperature muffles etc. 

No other furnace builder has this amount of experience with gas-heated sintering belt furnaces.


Alongside all the technical highlights listed the controller is most of all interested in the costs of such a plant. 
The purchase expenses stand comparison to others with a view to the advantages provided and the high throughput. 

We have supplied gas-heated sintering belt furnaces with a daily throughput of up to 20 tonnes which probably provides one of the best levels of cost-effectiveness worldwide. 

Maintenance costs and power consumption are particularly advantageous with gas-heated sintering furnaces and so only around 22 m3/h natural gas is necessary in the case of the 600 mm belt furnace.

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