continuous annealing and hardening:

Continuous hardening furnaces, gas- or electrically heated with oil quenching bath, belt furnaces for annealing magnetic parts under pure hydrogen with flamefree outlet, all with extensive security features, online atmosphere control, touch-panel and optional database implementation. A new heat treatment line for aluminium sintered parts (T6 process) under controlled atmosphere was recently installed.

Heat treating furnaces for aviation and automotive applications, AMS-2750D specification:


AMS Revision D allows for several classes of equipment. The class 1 equipment calls for a temp- erature uniformity requirement of ±5°F. There are also specifications for calibrated thermocouples and standard instrument accuracy. Class 2 requires ±10°F and same system requirements. 


Class A instrumentation calls for each zone to have an independent control thermocouple. Each zone must be recorded by a recording instrument. Two additional recording sensors in each control zone located to best represent the hot and cold points in the oven based on the most recent survey. L&L accommodates this by having one thermocouple port located at each corner of the oven. 

Furnaces for sinter- hardeningcarbon and aluminum sintering, sintering and debinding of hollow sphere and ceramic structures, annealing of magnetic parts under 100% H2atmosphere even drying and debindering (MIM metal injection moulding), post-burning chambers (TNV), protective-gas generators and gas burners in various sizes are "taylor-made" solutions by SARNES ingenieure GmbH&Co KG in Stutensee, Germany.
Our furnace size ranges from 100mm belt width labratory type up to 1000mm and 2 x 600mm twin-belt furnaces with a capacity of more than 22 tons output per day. Controlled atmosphere with in-built endo-thermic generator, improved delube zone LED3 (US patent), quench cooling zone are availble for sintering powder metal parts. A complete sintering and anneling line forsintering aluminium parts (T6) as well as sintering solution for special applications (hollow spere structures) and sintering of carbon parts can be offered.

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